Tuesday, December 2, 2008

magic words

I must have this in my house, and many other of the fine things that I found at The Rookery on Etsy. This is only $8! I love it.


Chris & Nikki said...

Etsy is my ULTIMATE weakness.
To many fantastic things.

And I love your recession article,
on how to save. Ketchup packets..and so on. Don't forget to only use one square of toilet paper. ;)

aaron&marianne said...

my girlfriend introduced me to etsy and i will be trying out a little shop of my drawings- so i will be soon asking for a link on your cute blog...

this 'yes please' is great

Allie said...

Fun to catch up with you, Meikel - as much as I can from reading your blog! I loved your recession article. My mom always washes out and reuses zip lock baggies, I guess she learned it from her mom! :)