Thursday, December 18, 2008

pull up a chair

I had the day off today, and since it was basically a blizzard I took advantage and holed up at home. I sat in my favorite chair and read Harry Pott . . . I mean Catcher in the Rye, yes Catcher in the Rye that's it.
I would love to spend an afternoon in any of these fine seats. (However I will have to have a much larger bank account to do so, a girl can dream.)

1. Sustainable Luxury Collection leather "Sylvan"
2. Calandria Chair, Mod Garden
3. Nathan Turner for Elite Leather "Flores"
4. Eames Style Lounge Chair
5. 1934 Dining Chair
6. Mid-Century Studio Stool


Kristin Elizabeth Green said...

I can't imagine curling up in chair #6 with a good book by J.K. Rowling (embrace the nerd within, embrace her with open and loving arms!)

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