Sunday, December 14, 2008

Evening with the Stewarts

We got to spend a marvelous evening going to Body World's (thanks so much to David for the tickets) & Temple Square with the Stewarts. Body World's was amazing, if you have the opportunity to go I highly recommend it. Traci was especially pleased to see that they had a three headed camel at Body World's, after all they are very, very rare.

As always the lights were beautiful as is Temple Square, but we did notice they cut back on the lights a bit this year. Nothing like an evening of Christmas lights and plasticized corpses to get you in the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas everybody!
photos of Body World's v. Google imaging.


Justin and traci said...

That's just mean. Come on, it was an honest mistake. Ha :) traci

Anonymous said...

What? Maybe they were real once . . . like unicorns ; )

Allison Tiek said...

I'm glad that Justin got his evening with the Reeces. :)