Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanks Emily

I had forgotten how much I LOVED Amy Grant Christmas when I was growing up. And thanks to Emily, I have reunited with the Christmas music of my childhood. She posted about this earlier, and at first I started to laugh and then began singing along to the top of my lungs. Please, enjoy.


Ruby said...

Well, well, well. How WELL I remember our Amy Grant Christmas CD. We did listen to that A LOT during the Christmas seasons at our homes on Ash Avenue....all 3 of them! 1168, 1184, and 1187 Ash Avenue. I do still like the songs. But, Amy's CLOTHES in those videos. Geez. Did we really think those looked good? Did I ever wear I-Dream-of-Jeanie harem pants tucked inside WHITE go-go boots! Heaven help us! Loves, Ruby