Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recession Declared

Now that we have a confirmed recession (appreciate the declaration there government) I wonder if it will cause me to understand (or do) a few things that my Grandma does like,
  • Wash and reuse paper cups and plates
  • Keep every ketchup packet that has ever been given to me
  • Let food items go dangerously past their best before date and insist that smell is not there
  • Any food that gets burnt, toast, casserole or whatever, suggest that char is good for you and we should probably be eating more of it anyway.
Ah, the joys of the depression. As I perused the news this morning I came across an article in The New York Times. "The Holidays Downsized, We're Gonna Party Like It's 1929" In the article the party planner says "The thing about the recession is, it takes the pressure off,” said Mr. Monn, 45. “It allows you to strip away all the stuff that’s not important and focus on what is: friends, family, togetherness.” I suppose it takes a recession to realize what this season is really about. Imagine, a Christmas that was about people and not things . . . huh . . . novel, really.

I have heard so much this year about how things are tight and how people are just going to have to make gifts and get creative, even do service for the people that they love since they can't afford the regular Christmas hoopla. Frankly, I think this is marvelous. Instead of being gluttons of retail we can actually give people something they need, love and time with the people that they care about.


Jill said...

Amen sister. I've really enjoyed this season so far...and have to credit the lack of stress I feel (despite a pinched budget).

g* said...

i have to tell you that you are officially my new favorite blog!!! i am so impressed. and that fact that i know you is even better!

this is funny about the penny pinching. i hear ya! and find myself washing plastic forks and knives. oh well it's better for my wallet and the planet... win/win!

Shauna said...

I have a grandma like this! It's really quite funny and a bit scarey to think what living through "the depression" can do to a persons food standards or lack thereof. Humbling too.

Kristin Elizabeth Green said...

meikel, i say we get together and collaborate on a book project of our grandparents' frugal existence! it just might be our future, heaven forbid! (at least from the footage I've seen down on old Aspen Ave...shock shock horror)

hardings said...

You are so cute and clever...keep them coming baby i am fully entertained.