Monday, December 22, 2008

the drive


I had an interesting drive to work today, and by interesting I mean life threatening. I love my job, but days like today often leave me wondering why on earth I work at the top of a mountain. Then I get to work and a stray goat (who apparently made his way down from bear lake) is tied to our Safety department, they have named him (his name is Steffan) and Steffan is really cute and warmed up to me. That almost made it worth having to drive up today. He looks about as stressed out as I do, bless him. I know I should be grateful for that moisture that everyone is praying for, but I was cursing it today. At least we will have a white Christmas.


Chris & Nikki said...

oh steffan better be worth the trip up {goat, not real steffan..although he's great too}

Queen of the Hill said...

I saw a story on the news about someone in a white car who was killed going up Provo Canyon. I was so worried it was you. I'm so glad it wasn't!