Sunday, October 30, 2011

penelope and traci

I can't believe Penelope is two already! I remember holding her as a newborn when I was 9+ months pregnant. And now she is two and Hudson will be two this week!!!! Time flies. It was such a pleasure to take pics of Penny and her pretty momma, who was pregnant with their now two week old sweet little max.

Me & my little assistant.

Monday, October 10, 2011

way coolest ever dad

Luke really is the way coolest dad ever, and thanks to my grandma he now has a sweet sweatshirt making it official. We had a lovely fathers day BBQ and hung out with family. It was really cool of Hudson to drive us there, that kid really pulls his weight.  Probably cause he has such a great dad.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

st. george con cliffords part dos

Huge white suburbans, Vegas with 3 kids under 4, Jaleo (the kiddos ate & thew foie gras it was wonderful.) Kardashians, Tim Gunn, My strange addiction, several tantrums, many naps, amazing pizza (Christopher is one amazing house wife.)

A camping trip that only half our party made it though the night the the ladies and babies went home to plumbing & sheets (turns out taking a 22 month old camping is just about the most ridiculous thing you can do.) We managed to do a lot of fun stuff and a lot of t.v. watching so it was pretty much a perfect weekend.

*And for a little geekery, the last three photos are film. Kodak Portra 400, Nikon N90. They look a little 70's in a bad way to me, time for a new camera.

Monday, October 3, 2011

bear lake con cliffords

After the car parade festivities we headed up to Bear Lake for some raspberry shakes and delicious fried delicacies. While there I met DJ Don Ricky and his very awesome Canon 5d, we geeked out for awhile about all the redeeming qualities of a Canon camera took each others photograph and I have been enjoying his videos ever since.

We of course had a marvelous time with our dear Emily and Aaron. Hudson is kind of head over heels for Aaron, but who wouldn't be? Hudson really had a good time particularly with pole in the middle of our table!

I wasn't going to add these but, as you can see pole dancing took it right out of him and he slept like and angel all the way home. And I mean look at that face, those lips I mean awww. Right? I know.