Wednesday, December 10, 2008

just can't get enough

I have not stopped listening to these five albums in constant rotation for days. I love them, you will too. From top left:

Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
Kanye West, 808's & Heartbreaks
Colplay, Viva la Vida (Prospeckt March Edition)
Yelle, Pop Up
Orignial Motion Picture Soudtrack, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

I didn't link to these because I got them all off Itunes, I haven't bought a CD in years so if you would like a CD I suppose Borders, or Amazon would have these.

*I have also been listening to the fantastic mix that Emily made me, I hope some of you were luck enough to receive Late Fall, Run to The Lights Of the City. It is wonderful, as is Emily.


Jill said...

Take some advice from Nike...if you get a chance to see Yelle, just do it. And bring your dancing shoes.

Also, see Vampire Weekend. If you can see them with Andy Sandberg...even better. (Yes, that's me bragging. I won't tell you that I've met these bands, too...oh wait. I guess I did. I can't help it.) :)

Nick and Norah's. Great soundtrack. [I heart Michael Cera.] Movie was so so.

Great choices, Meikel!

Meikel said...

Jill- It ain't braggin if you done it!

Jess Hammond said...

May I suggest a new album to add to your current listening selection? Day & Age - The Killers.