Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A fine pair

I adore these Hunter boots, classic British style that you can find at Soel or Zappos for about $115.00 a pair. Not to bad for wellies that have been around since 1817.


There are also these fine replicas from Target, they are really cute and there are lots of colors to choose from. And since Target is not upholding a century long standard of style, you can get them for about $24.99 plus shipping.


Jess Hammond said...

killer boots man. I don't have your e-mail. E-mail me here and I will write back.

Kristin Elizabeth Green said...

meikel! wellies are ubiquitous in the land across the pond. I bought a cute black pair with little white stars the other day for only 14 pounds! Seriously I can hook you up! p.s. thanks for being like one of the only people who comments on my blog!

Mike said...

Hi Meikel,

My name's Mike and I work for Hunter Boot UK. Just seen you blog entry and wondered if you'd mind me featuring it on our website, under our "Hunter on the Web" section? Drop me an email and let me know -


Chris & Nikki said...

sweet!! those boots are awesome.
and what about mike up cool. :D


jordan and aja said...

LOVE THEM!!! Next is to find a nice puddle to splash in!

Shelly Bean said...

if you want some... let me know... i would really like to be involved in getting you a good deal.