Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have I mentioned that I love list making? Well I love, love it and KNOCK KNOCK makes this favorite past time of mine stylish and fun. I bought my ALL OUT OF at MODE boutique in Provo. Check out KNOCK KNOCK's website they have great e-cards! Happy List making.


naomi megan. said...

oh i love it.
those check list boxes are the best.
i need these.

The Hopkins said...

Wow, has your mom seen this web site? I remember the infamous post it notes scattered throughout the Lambert household! How the crap have you been? I miss your face and would love to get together with you! Call me, I know you have my number. Just because I have 3 kids does not mean i'm not fun anymore dang it!

Ruby said...

I love these, especially the "doo-doo" list. There's a clasic Relief Society story about that, you know...."doo-doo" lists.