Saturday, November 1, 2008


Chloe, even cuter as a bee.
Annie made this adorable puppy costume for pace, but his face
is SO darling, I zoomed in on it instead.
Melodee, who gave all of us a good scare in her trusty dusty mask
she has owned for over a decade.

Halloween was great, up until my mom decided to really give me a
scare by fainting while she was telling me how to re-heat my dinner.
Turns out my dear mother got severely dehydrated and a little over
worked. So even though the weather has cooled off, let us not neglect

Why no pictures of the Reece's you ask? We sort of bahumbugged it
this year, I had a toothache and Luke had football . . . so maybe next


Shelly Bean said...

you are so talented and amazing... gees...
i'm happy i found your blog.

Morgan said...

your poor mom!
hope she's feeling better!
those pictures of you and luke are awwwesome.