Sunday, November 9, 2008

Really Nicolas Cage?

I just watched National Treasure, and I am just wondering when Nicolas Cage decided he no longer cared about making interesting, great and memorable movies?
How does one go from Moonstruck, Raising Arizona, Honeymoon in Vegas and Adaptation to National Treasures 1 & 2? (And there were several other stinkers in-between as well.)
Really Nicolas Cage? Really?


Morgan said...

amen. i watched part of it today too. not a fan. he's a little overly dramatic for me.

Kristin Elizabeth Green said...

it's a damn shame, really. I couldn't agree more. Mr. cage, why have you let us down?

Chris & Nikki said...

i have to agree. i watched that movie as well, yesterday..and chris and i agreed that he was the same in every single movie.
boring boring boring.

Jordan said...

Maybe he needed money?