Thursday, November 6, 2008

carpe dentum


I wish I had listened to my mother, every time she told me how important it was to floss.
I ignored a cavity (probably brought about by my non-flossing) and one day while chomping on a tortilla chip, that tooth cracked in half.
Several hundred dollars and three painful dentist visits later I am swollen up like a chipmunk and strung out on IB profin, wishing I had flossed and waiting for the inevitable "well Mrs. Reece we are probably going to have to pull that tooth after all" from my dentist. So dear friends, care for those 32 friends of yours and floss properly.


nicole said...

AND . . . did you know lack of flossing is linked to heart disease?? Crazy. Yet, I am still horrible at flossing. I do obsessively brush my teeth tho.

Sorry about that tooth.

Queeey said...

Sorry about the painful tooth. I have finally gotten into the habit of flossing after years of being told to do it. I have found that I get stuff out from between my teeth no matter how well I think I have brushed. And the other crazy thing is that even after that, I use mouthwash and sometimes when I spit it out, more stuff comes out. Those teeth can really hide stuff in there so brush, floss, and rinse! Hope you feel better soon.

Jess Hammond said...

Seize the Teeth!

Chris & Nikki said...

ahh, no fun man.
get better soon.

aaron&marianne said...

i soooo sorry!

Mahana said...

My sweet Meikel, I feel your pain. They told me not to chew ice, I knew better, I floss regularly, I nag people to incorporate this daily habit into their routine, but no, I had to chew my ice. After a 10 year battle, 2 root canals, 2 crowns, and a bone graft, I finally surrendered and lost tooth #31 (last 2nd molar on the bottom right). I feel so naked. Love Your Guts! Aunty Nani... So have you started flossing yet? ;)