Tuesday, November 4, 2008

e pluribus unum


Today, for the first time in a long time, I am truly proud to be American. After watching an election that went from the ridiculous to the sublime, an election that brought out the worst in people on both sides of the ticket, I am filled with hope. Being able to participate in one of the most important elections with one of the largest voter turn outs has restored my faith in democracy.

I was so impressed with Senator McCain's concession speech. He was dignified, powerful, and gracious. He has earned my respect. Anyone who has served this country the way that he has deserves the respect of a grateful nation.

President Elect Barack Obama's speech was direct, concise and humble. I am impressed and again filled with hope that there can be change. After hearing him speak tonight, I am proud to say that I voted for Obama.

I know there are many who would say that my hopeful view of our new President Elect is naive; however at this point I wonder what good can come from pessimism? Can we not as a nation take the momentum of this moment and continue to fight for what we believe in? It should not matter whether or not we agree on every issue. Isn't the point of this amazing country that we are allowed to openly disagree? So while I choose to be hopeful and elated about the outcome of tonight’s results, I understand that many may not. I hope that you will choose to continue to have your voice heard. I hope that you will remember tonight as a turning point in our nation. I hope that you will find the good in what has occurred. I hope we can all be a part of uniting our country that has been so divided.

Out of many, one.

(A bit about the pictures, I was so excited to get a few shots this morning of voters and the whole process, but turns out that people are not that excited to have their picture taken. I got scolded for my shutterbuging and I got a bit nervous. And since I am still learning, I was not able to take quick shots that were also good shots. oh well.)


Kristin Elizabeth Green said...

yeah baby! Yeah!!! i love your blog meikel. i've said it once, and i will say it again:)

Chris & Nikki said...

I absolutely love your pictures. They are marvelous.
And I totally agree with your post, McCain did really well on his speech, and I'm nervous for Obama's change, but I think it will be good. Good voting. :D

see you at our snowy work. {blah}

Jess Hammond said...

I voted and I didn't get a sticker! Maybe they don't have them in Chicago :)

Ems said...

the photos are great lady, you're doing fantastically with them (I think the polaroids are my favorites actually)

and amen to all the things you said. tasha and I were talking this morning about how amazing it was and is to be alive in this country right now. it's time to heal and we picked a great man to begin the process.

aaron&marianne said...

well little journalist meikel! you have such a clear voice when you write- yes and yes to all of this post!

melodee said...

Rosa sat so that Martin could walk. Martin walked so that Obama could run. Obama ran so that our children--all children--can fly.

(I heard this on NPR last week and know it's been going around as a text message; I've added "all children" in the last line.)

I've had Obama signs in my car and on my lawn for many months, and I don't plan to take them down for some time. President-Elect Obama faces greater challenges, domestic and global, than any president since Lincoln and perhaps Roosevelt; I want to, as Ghandi said, be the change I want in the world. Surely Obama is doing ust this. Viva Obama!

Ruby said...

Honey--this is the brilliant essay you wrote for your blog. It is phenomenal. You CAN write, baby! I rarely get writing this good from my best students. KEEP IT UP!