Thursday, November 6, 2008

green drink

Green drink may just be the best way to start your day. It is the most refreshing drink I have ever had, plus it is 100% good for you. It also has a crap load of spinach in it, way more than you could eat in one sitting, so you win. Tastes great and good for ya! So while we are all gearing up for the holiday treat season, start your day with one of these and all will be well. Also a big thanks to Allison for introducing me to this green goodness.

1 c orange juice
1 apple sliced
1 banana sliced
tons of spinach
1/2-1 cup ice

Pour orange juice into blender add apple and banana. Stuff as much spinach as you can into the blender. Blend. Add ice, and blend a bit more. Voila, green drink. You can always add pineapple or peaches however strawberries not so great, or any berry for that matter. Enjoy


nicole said...

YOu have reminded me to get back into the green drink routine. For some reason I have gone way down hill with my eating habits (I type this as I am eating a kit kat) which is real poor timing since I am the nutrition source for Presley.

I will be blending tomorrow.

Ashley Davidson said...

It's a great way to get your vegetables! My mom puts banana, spinach, blueberries, flax seed and water. It's also simple and good.

Allison Tiek said...

Well, I can't take all the credit... I definitely got it from my mom, who also like to add carrots. It gives it an awful color (much like berries do). Anyway, I too need to get back in the habit of the green drink breakfast.

Rachel H said...

this is classic meikel right here. love you