Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a valentine I can get behind


I do not like Valentines day. Never have, I just don't get it and I refuse to celebrate it. And then when I became a florist, I really didn't get it because they pretty much quadruple prices on flowers and take advantage of the situation (seriously, never buy flowers on Valentines or Mother's day, you are getting ripped off.) However, while I was in New York at the gift show, I came across these delightful valentines by Yee-Haw that I really would be pleased to receive. Get them here.

Also, I feel that I should elaborate on my dislike of Valentines. This is not a result of not being 'recognized' on valentines day, my darling husband always remembers what is important. I just think Valentines day has gotten way out of hand, and now its like as long as a gentlemen takes his lady out on Valentines then all of his sins are forgiven. And some of the lady folk have taken this to the ridiculous, and put some seriously unreal expectations on this supposed day of love. I guess I just don't think you need a sanctioned day of love to show the ones you love how much you love them.


Allison Tiek said...

Amen! I tell Steve every year NOT to get me flowers because they are such a rip off. I guess I might not complain if I was able to get in on the money making. But I haven't so I'll continue to complain.

ke said...

Lucha love? Heart. Um, I think we need to do dinner with Lauren. This weekend is shot of course, but what about next Tuesday?