Wednesday, February 25, 2009

old photos


Meet my great-grandparents, Cap & Bertha Blohm. The top photo is of my great-grandmother in Africa, Nambia to be exact. According to my great-grandfathers journal she insisted in having her photo taken next to a termite hill.

You have to admire a woman who will wear heels and demand to be photographed near what is essentially a dung heap, maybe she liked the contrast.
These kind of photographs are one of the big reasons I want to pursue photography, they are so rich and beautiful.



Those pics are priceless. I love a grandma that wears high heels and still does stuff:) I swear if I wore high heels (even now) I would just sit becuase they hurt!!! My grandma Beck was the same way, she would have slacks, nylons and high heels on and be weeding the yard! lol. Too cute Meikel. You will be a GREAT photographer. I really feel like you have found your calling- you have such an eye for it.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I'm interested in having some photos taken while I'm still preggo and Al recommended your services! Email me if you are interested! getupandplayblog at gmail dot com