Sunday, February 22, 2009



My favorite Oscar gowns from this evenings festivities, aren't they are amazing?! And to top it all off the Oscars were amazingly entertaining and they actually didn't go to long. Wouldn't it be weird if the Oscars won an Emmy?


naomi megan. said...

i think anne hathaway looks fierce! is it so bad that i didn't even know the oscars were on last night? so much catching up to do...

melodee said...

I like all of these but Kate Winslet's, and I didn't like her hair either. I know, I know, this makes me odd woman out; what else is new. Two that I did like that aren't here are Natalie Portman's--simplle, lovely elegance in my view, and Sarah Jessica Parker's. I thought she looked very beautiful. Now as for the men--Hugh Jackman is the man, the triple-threat man,whatever he wears. "I am Slumdog, I am Reader, I am Wolverine!" I loved it!