Monday, February 16, 2009

what's the deal food network?

I used to be able to tune into you and find daily culinary inspiration, I used to see these friendly faces staring back at me, giving me great ideas about simple, clean & delicious food. Now I fear dear Food Network, you are taking a turn for the worst.


It all started with Semi-homemade (don't get me wrong, that lady deserves all the success she can get, her life story is amazing, but her recipes and tablescapes, you heard me, tablescapes are atrocious.) And now you have inflicted upon us Guy Fieri, Big Daddy's House, Ask Aida, Rachel Ray, (sorry fans, she is not my favorite) At Home with the Neely's, Cooking for Real and to top it off you are only showing re-runs of Ace of Cakes, which is a marvelous show, but hello you are re-running last season!

All I am saying is, lets return to the goodness Food Network.


Jess Hammond said...

tru dat

aja said...

I love Ace of Cakes...

Chris & Nikki said...

amen to that!!
Chris and I love the food network, but lately we don't ever watch it.
have you seen cooking with the neely's yet?? yah..haha. starberries. hhaah. oh man!!

Dora said...

They're airing the 6th season of Ace of Cakes - I just saw a new episode last week - Macy's and the Big Apple.

But yeah, so many of the other cooking shows on the FN are hosted by cooks, not chefs.

It would be nice to have a real chef on there somewhere - one who's been to an accredited culinary school.

Larn said...

where is giada? didn't she have a baby recently? i feel like she should still be able to film a couple new episodes. she just doesn't know how much i miss her.