Sunday, February 22, 2009

thanks facebook

Lauren and I circa 1994.
Myself, Lauren & Kjerstin
Our 4th grade class.

I was admittedly a little wary of joining the Facebook. It seemed a little odd, and I already have this blog, so why did I need another self promoting cyber page? To find Kjerstin and Lauren. My two friends that I spent countless hours watching VH1, (before it became the ses pool of debauchery that it is now) playing Mario Paint (if you don't know what Mario Paint is, I pity you) and drinking Diet Coke. I am so tickled to be back in contact with these tremendous ladies, thanks Facebook!

p.s. Kjerstin, what do you think of me hiring you to write for me? My mother says that all my posts are filled with grammatical atrocities so I think I need some professional help.


Heather said...

I have almost the exact same picture from Wasatch Elementary on my fridge of Matt's class that same year! I love it!

Ashley Davidson said...

Wow, Lauren and Kjerstin! I'll never forget when you, Lauren and me had a sleepover at your house and we watched Newsies and were drooling all over ourselves over our favorite boys :) Gotta love Wasatch!

ke said...

I say yes to people paying me to write. Anytime. (And this sounds disingenuous, but I'd like to use this blog comment to offer my services.) :)

Larn said...

yes thank you facebook!
and thank you newsies...hahaha

Natalia said...

I came across your blog and saw a pic of MY 4th grade class! My parents' garage flooded recently and I lost most of my pics so I was hoping you would be willing to email me a copy of that class pic. Thanks!