Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hello netflix

Up until last night Mr. Reece and I have been supporters and fans of the Blockbuster movie rental system. We thought it was great that you could get movies in the mail and then return them at the store so you would have a film while you wait for your other film to come in the mail.

Well, last night we learned that Netflix up'd the ante. You can now watch movies instantly on your PC, Mac or XBOX. It's like Christmas, do you know how many TV series you can have at once in your instant queue? It's ridiculous, ridiculously wonderful. Thank you sweet Netflix.

On a side note, while you are browsing the millions of titles available to rent, Netflix also has a section of most popular movies rented in your city. Here are Provo's top 6. Really Provo? Are we really that big of a stereotype?


aja said...

We just signed up for Netflix last Monday and we love it! We've been watching the seasons of Heros!!

Jess Hammond said...

hahahahaahaha! Check out Chicago, it also presents itself as a huge stereotype.