Wednesday, January 21, 2009

u2, go home

So, I used to be a HUGE U2 fan. We are talking read every book, went to every concert, sequined Bono on a shirt and maybe just maybe I got crazy enough once to put an iron on patch of the Joshua tree on to my jeans. Yeah, I was um . . . involved. A few years have gone by since my U2-mania and I still really like them, but there last two albums were, well . . . lame. And here they are making another album, and is that really nescessary? I mean isn't 11 hit albums enough? If you already have three greatest hits albums it may be time to throw in the towel. I really would like to see them retire with grace (unlike the Stones, who are living unaturally long lives) and quit making mediorce albums. This new album better be good, but I doubt it. I hope to eat my words.


Jess Hammond said...

Simmer down

Brynn said...

You crack me up, Meikel, but I totally agree. Let's just call it a night, right?

chelsea said...

come on now, vertigo is a FABULOUS song!

i agree in that i wouldn't have been sad if it was released as a single rather than part of a mediocre album, but i would have been sad if it never existed.