Monday, January 12, 2009

how are the mighty fallen

OK, what happened to Grey's? I mean really, has the medical field become so boring that we have to endure Izzy's romance with a ghost? And how boring are Meredith and Derek? Seriously, can't you just write about a third arm, conjoined twins, a human race ending plague or how about the old stand by heart attack? Is this a symptom of the writers strike? Whatever it is I can't take it anymore. I am bidding farewell to the once great show.
Time of death 9:52.


nicole said...

I know right? Sorry, I can not take one more episode of Izzy's lame romance with a ghost. So lame.

Also, am I the only one that missed what ended it with Issy and O'Malley?? And I don't know why Meredith and Cristina? I am so out of the loop, yet I've watched every episode.

Meikel said...

I know right?!! I have no idea what is going on, and yet I haven't missed a single episode! Ahhh I hate bad television, thank goodness for 30 rock!

Kristin Green said...

I missed the entire 4th season but now I don't know if I should get back into this hospital drama that apparently can't even save itself! Seriously, seriously! It's sad.

Chris & Nikki said...

haha. it's so true. I can't even get through an episode.
try, 'The City' or the 'Bachelor'
both lame yet ever so addicting shows. haha.

Morgan and Sunni said...

I totally second that!! AMEN

Allison Tiek said...

Every episode I keep thinking Denny is going to finally disappear because he knows that Izzy really is happy but no, he just keeps hanging around. SO irritating! I know this sounds mean, but die already! I'm glad that LOST is back so I can have a different show to be frustrated with.