Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New York

So here I am in new York having a grand time, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to post the pictures I have from this I phone. So I guess you will have to enjoy my quick wit instead! I love it here and hopefully I can get some pictures up soon! In the mean time anyone have any good shopping tips while I am here in the big apple?


Jess Hammond said...

Kind of a cute candy store called Dylan's Candy Bar. Owned by Dylan Lauren.....daughter of Ralph. If I recall it is quite close to Serendipity 3.

Danielle, Cameron and McKay Hatch said...

If you have time check out the Neue Gallerie, it's on 86th st. just off of central park (close to the met). It's my favorite small museum, and they have a great bookstore and a cafe that serves delicious Viennese pastries, perfect for a cold day.

aja said...

No tips. I suck at shopping. But I do think you should visit Serendipity III of you get the chance. They have the best Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Rachel H said...

MEIKEL! why did you not talk to me before you left?? I have so many good places to tell you to go eat! first: The Shake Shack. It's in Madison Square Park. On 23rd street! You can take the 2/3 train right to it! im pretty sure the stop is Park Place. anyway go there! for me! please! its amazing!

second, if you are looking for a quite nice dinner for you and the hubby- go to Bouley Upstairs. its this restaurant above this really yummy bakery/little grocery store. its so good! seriously one of the best meals i had while i lived there. its on the north east corner of West Broadway and Duane Street.

third, the BEST pizza is Bleeker Street Pizza. On 7th Avenue and Bleeker st. and then after you go there for dinner, go to dessert at Milk and Cookies. its right next to bleeker street pizza. Just go south on 7th ave and turn right on Commerce street. and its right there on the right.

please trust me on these and GO. and tell me all about it. i crave these places every day.

have so much fun!!

Spencer and Kealia said...

two letters... H & M... obvi! bring me back something from china town! while you're there try the house of dumplings... cheap and you leave ready to pop! but your friend is right about bleeker street... while you're there, go to ROCCO's! delish pastry shop! xo