Tuesday, March 30, 2010

an opportunity

As you all know I love to blog and therefore I love to blogstalk. I am sure many of you have readers just like I do that display the bounty that the blog world has to offer. While a lot of it is inconsequential like design, fashion, crafts and the like I feel like the for the most part blogs are about people. They are about what we hold most dear, the people in our lives. They are about our friends, children, aunts, grandmothers, dad's and all the experiences that make us who we are. I love the sense of community that blogs have, when Stephanie Nielson of the famed Nie Nie dialoges was in her terrible accident; thousands of people were checking her blog to see how she, her husband and her family were doing. Many who know and love her, but many more who didn't but simply wanted a good outcome for her family. People could donate, and they did which is an extraordinary kindness on it's own, but it was the number of people praying for Stephanie and her family that I found to be miraculous.

I love what my dear friend Kristen wrote on her blog:
"A prayer is an intention and an intention is a force and a prayer carries with it a lot of energy. And energy makes things happen. You know, it's the simplest thing you could do but also the one with the greatest power."

And so, when I come across a story like this one I see an opportunity to help, or at the very least an opportunity to add my prayers and good intentions for another person. Please go to Jonathan Canlas's blog and read her story, it is amazing.