Thursday, March 25, 2010


As you have probably noticed I have been a little absent from the blog for awhile. I am sure you have all been distraught and anxiously awaiting my return. Well, I am working on it. But I have had a few setbacks. Some of which were design related (I am trying to give this tired old blog a makeover, but it is not going as planned) and some of which were due to a nagging pain in my tooth.

Last year while I was about eight weeks pregnant (and pretty darn miserable) I had to have a root canal with no anesthesia. Luke and I had not shared the good news with anyone yet, not even our parents. So the friendly folks at my dentists office were the first to find out our good news. They were so excited for me, and they were SO sweet to me during the root canal. They wiped my the sweat from my brow and held my hand while I cried (and by the way that root canal was like a million times worse than giving birth.) They accidentally outed my pregnancy to my mother who went back in to the dentists office looking for my cell phone. When she came back out to the car she looked like a deer in headlights drove two blocks pulled over and started squealing with delight that I was pregnant. I was in too much pain at the moment to care that the girls at the dentists office had given my mom the best news of her life. I'm still mad that I didn't get to tell my mom, oh well there's always baby number two right?

So to my dismay, we had to celebrate the festival of pain of last year with a root canal this year. I was so nervous all I could think about was the excruciating pain of last year, I wanted out. I knew it was only going to get worse so I girded my loins and headed off to my dentist. I got so nervous in the waiting room just thinking about the pain that was to come.

They sat me in my chair and offered me an Ipod to listen too, I asked if I could listen to mine, they said of course so I began searching for music I wanted to listen to during my torture. But all I could find were episodes of 30Rock. I figured listening to 30Rock would be almost as good as watching them so I turned it on. And then they turned on the laughing gas, and then they gave me Novocain. I have never laughed so hard in my life, I was having another root canal and I was crying again but only because the hilarity of Tina Fey is so much funnier while nitrous oxide is being pumped into your lungs.

Needless to say this years root canal went much better, no big surprises were spoiled and I didn't want to crawl into a hole and die afterwards. I just hope this isn't becoming some perverse tradition.

I hope to be back blogging by next week, we shall see.


Ashley Davidson said...

Oh Meikel! That sounds awful. I'm glad the second one wasn't so bad. It's amazing how much those tooth aches can hurt! Hope you're feeling better.

TinTin said...

Hahah! Lovely post friend, keep it coming

Queen of the Hill said...

I've decided you haven't given birth "naturally". You might change your mind about what hurts worse. Especially if you endure 23 hrs of labor prior to the delivery. I'm glad your feeling better and I have been rather anxious that you haven't been blogging. :)

Breanne said...

Wow that sounds like a horrible experience from last year. I'm glad this year went better - and I have to say the thought of you bustin a gut in the dentist office to Tina Fey was making me laugh. They were probably like - man, we should have comedies on our i-Pods, not music - this is magical!