Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Versitle Blogger

Thanks to Jamie over at the CP blog for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award! It being award season and all I feel it highly appropriate for me to thank a few people. Thank you people of Google for making it so darn easy to find an obscure image. Thank you people of people of Photoshop for creating Bridge it really is the best software EVER. Thank you weird photo uploader that puts my photos up crooked leading to many nights cursing and flailing my arms at the computer. And thank you internet for providing blogs, a new way to keep tabs on tons of people you don't know. 

This award also requires me to share some things about myself that I am sure you have all been dying to know. So here you are-peer into my soul. 

1. Why did you create this blog? To document sweet trips with my hubby and friends. But it has changed oh so many times. 
2. What kind of blogs do you follow? Photography, Food, Styling, Humor, and the occasional mommy blog, don't judge me you know you do it too.
3. What is your favorite Make-Up Brand? Dior
4. What is your favorite Clothing Brand? J.Crew
5. Your indispensable Make-Up Product? Mascara, I feel naked without it. 
6. Favorite Color? Please see here
7. Favorite Perfume? Food cooking.
8. Favorite Film? This is almost impossible to answer. What decade? What genre? Ok, here goes and in no particular order. Dr. Zhivago, The Godfather, Moonstruck, Strictly Ballroom, What's Up Doc, Stranger Than Fiction, All the Bournes, Some Like it Hot, The Queen, Gosford Park, Say Anything, White Christmas, Volver, No Country For Old Men, The Royal Tennenbaums, Lord of The Rings 123, All Of Me, The Jerk  and just so many more.  
9. What country would you like to visit and why? Spain, because I am certain I will wish I were from there. 
10. What are you currently reading? A constant shuffle of Harry Potter 1-7, The Help, again because I read it so fast the first time and Water for Elephants. To my son I am reading Harry Potter 2, Yes Yes No No, Trucks Go and That's Not My Monster. 
11. Where is your favorite place to eat? The Tin Angel, Slab, The Copper Onion, Rooster DNB, Communal, Aristos, Cucina Toscana, My kitchen. 

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