Monday, February 7, 2011


My grandparents homemade root beer is the best part of summer. They used to start making it in May until September and it was involved in all my best childhood memories. It is an old pioneer recipe involving hops, yeast, sugar, root beer extract, one ancient Gott cooler, water, a little elbow grease and a bottle capper. People either love it or they hate it but we will always make you try it at least once.


Jess Hammond said...

that is just cool. not many ways to say it.

Annie said...

quite possibly my favorite batch of pics. beautiful. please hurry summer.

Briana said...

So, so cool. I wish I had an ancient root beer recipe. Love the way you documented the process. Great shots!

Breanne said...

Wow. That is cool. I want to have memorable traditions like that for my kids & grandkids to remember. Love it.

That block wall behind the Coke bottles makes the picture just perfect too.

If we ever make it down to Provo again, I would love to have you guys show us the best place to eat and/or shadow you on a photo shoot. You offered & I would most seriously take you up on it :)

Love your posts as always!

-m- said...

these photos are amazing!