Thursday, February 10, 2011

iphone photos

I am constantly stealing Mr. Reece's iphone to take pic's when I don't have my camera handy. But I almost always forget to download them afterward, so these are some gems from quite awhile ago.

From the top: Hudson whissing at church, that is what he calls sweeping or vacuuming, whissing. A quick trip to Idaho. Walking home from Seven Peaks. Summer lawn & Flying Pie Pizzeria (thanks Man V. Food.) Nickle City, otherwise known as hell on earth. My aunt and uncles beautiful view and their beautiful grandchildren and horses. Tasha's insanely good grilled anaheim chilies with queso. Luke, Chloe and a Sunday nap. All taken with the cross process app for iphone.


lehi + sasha said...
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lehi + sasha said...

ooo these photos are so so pretty!
isn't iphone just amazing? i love that you have a label just for it.