Sunday, June 1, 2008

Notting Gate Floral

I thought I would take a post and give a little background to the phrase: "I did a wedding." Allison and I met five years ago while we were on a BYU study abroad. We were roomies or flatmates if you will, and she was my saving grace while we were there. We came home and started a little "business" and I use the word "business" with extreme looseness. But lately our little Notting Gate Floral has been quite busy. We have had a lot of fun doing all these weddings. And kudos to Allison who just completed this last wedding 8 months pregnant! Check out our work here.


Allison Tiek said...

Wow, you were quite the blogger yesterday, I'm so impressed. I especially love the picture of us at Abbey Road. My favorite part about that day were the people yelling at us "it's not a bloody tourist attraction!" as we tried to get a picture walking across the street. Good times!