Friday, June 6, 2008

Mediocrity at it's best

TBS has put out it's second season of the Sit-com My Boys. I only gave season one a chance because Gaffigan is in it and he is hilarious, and I was to say the least completely let down. Well, season two rolls around and this show is just the definition of mediocre television. It has bad writing, bad music, a bad set and bad acting . . . but I can't stop watching it. If this show is on I cannot look away, and I am sorry to say I now know the names of all the characters. Maybe TBS is on to something . . . American television doesn't need to be great, it just needs to be bearable enough that when nothing else good is on we just can't look away.


Chris & Nikki said...

yes, i completely understand. i'm now watching the bachelorette. rediculous i tell you, but i can't stop watching these shows. :D