Wednesday, October 5, 2011

st. george con cliffords part dos

Huge white suburbans, Vegas with 3 kids under 4, Jaleo (the kiddos ate & thew foie gras it was wonderful.) Kardashians, Tim Gunn, My strange addiction, several tantrums, many naps, amazing pizza (Christopher is one amazing house wife.)

A camping trip that only half our party made it though the night the the ladies and babies went home to plumbing & sheets (turns out taking a 22 month old camping is just about the most ridiculous thing you can do.) We managed to do a lot of fun stuff and a lot of t.v. watching so it was pretty much a perfect weekend.

*And for a little geekery, the last three photos are film. Kodak Portra 400, Nikon N90. They look a little 70's in a bad way to me, time for a new camera.


Ems said...

the pictures of Wyatt are KILLING manage to get his sweet little personality perfectly.

lovely as always lady...

k8 said...

everything about this makes me happy-except maybe that i wish i had been there.