Monday, October 3, 2011

bear lake con cliffords

After the car parade festivities we headed up to Bear Lake for some raspberry shakes and delicious fried delicacies. While there I met DJ Don Ricky and his very awesome Canon 5d, we geeked out for awhile about all the redeeming qualities of a Canon camera took each others photograph and I have been enjoying his videos ever since.

We of course had a marvelous time with our dear Emily and Aaron. Hudson is kind of head over heels for Aaron, but who wouldn't be? Hudson really had a good time particularly with pole in the middle of our table!

I wasn't going to add these but, as you can see pole dancing took it right out of him and he slept like and angel all the way home. And I mean look at that face, those lips I mean awww. Right? I know.



That face, those lips, his shirt and those onion rings?!?! I mean, come on!!!!