Wednesday, June 2, 2010

memorial day weekend and technology hates me

Memorial Day Weekend was marvelous, lots of good food (the makings of any good time) and family of course. We finally started hanging pictures in our place, it only took us two years so by the time we are fully moved in and settled we will probably move again. "A" for effort I suppose.

I started working on a project for these guys, which I am so excited about and cannot wait to share and all of a sudden I can't load a single picture on my computer (and Hudson started teething and decided that sleeping though the night was not his scene, hence my lack of blogging .)

And so all I have to offer you are pictures from the iphone, which by the way my computer will not recognize and so I painstakinly e-mailed myself each and every one of the pictures below. But it is totally worth it since I discovered the oh so cool Hipstamatic app and have become insufferable and anti-social running around taking pictures of anything that will hold still for a moment.

So with out further adieu, a really long post.