Monday, April 12, 2010

sew sew

Boys are the best. I have been having so much fun finding stuff for Hudson, and Sew Sew has some amazing stuff. Meet Alfie, he is an excentric plush toy who enjoyes dressing up in his spare time. Any toy that is Elvis by day and ninja by night is alright by me! Find them here.

images via sew sew facebook page


[Morgan] said...

i love it.
oh and the toys are darling too:)

[Morgan] said...

oh my gosh meikel. i had two blogger comments open when i left this comment and thought i left it for the other person.
how funny.
i thought another friend of mine was naming her little boy hudson.
good crap. that's so embarrassing.
that's what i get for multi blogging.
now does my comment that didn't make sense, make sense?