Tuesday, April 13, 2010

megann's shower

There are two things I love about bridal showers, the food (duh) and getting to meet the other family all at once. Megann's shower did not disappoint, both the food and the company were absolutely stellar. My sister-in-law is marriying into such a great family, we can't wait for the wedding!


{davis family} said...

hey..so funny, that picture is of kristen jorgenson. the lady with the baby. she's in my ward, i visit teach her. haha.
small world.

lets all get together this week.

Queen of the Hill said...

I didn't know Megann was getting married. That's really exciting!

The food looks awesome, it's making me hungry.

Megan said...

oh how fun! Tell Megann congratulations! I'm so happy for her!!

And any food that involves Limeade and sweet and condensed milk had to be divine!!!

Melissa said...

So this has nothing to do with your post...I bought a Snoogle. The first night went amazingly well. Now Jason wants one. :)