Wednesday, August 5, 2009

an open letter

Dear TBS,
You used to be so reliable. I would turn you on and I would be greeted with a little Seinfeld, Friends or Family Guy. I didn't even mind when you started airing Yes Dear. I could always count on you for some good old T.V. watching.

But now, I can barely count on you. Why all these new shows? House of Payne, Meet the Browns and The Bill Engvall Show. Really TBS??? They are just terrible.

And that goes for you too Food Network. I mean Cooking for Real, Guy's Big Bite, Big Daddy's house (the always awful 30 minute meals *shudder*) I would rather watch a marathon of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee.

I guess I will just have to start reading.

A disgruntled basic cable watcher.


Jake and Jenna said...

i've learned that the CW is where it's at. friends, friends, and more friends. seinfeld. king of queens. everybody loves raymond. i've switched.