Monday, May 4, 2009

Guest Blogger: The Great Miss Kristin Green

I decided tonight that I am going to start featuring some of my favorite blogs on this blog, mostly because I feel that my writing has much to be desired (which is why I post SO many pictures.) When I read this post by my dear friend of 25 years I laughed so hard I cried and I just wanted to share her quick wit and warmth on my blog.

Kristin Green of the blog London Fog

Fiasco Averted

I was stewing over my consumer ethics essay on my laptop today when I inadvertently spilled an entire glass of water all over my keyboard. I'm pretty certain that my eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets I was so freaked out that I had caused irreparable damage to my dear, sweet lappy.

I immediately picked up lappy and flipped it upside down to let all the water drain out over the rest of my soaking papers and journal articles that were quickly crinkling and curling up. I didn't care. All I cared about was for there to be some kind of miracle that would rescue my laptop. I delicately set my laptop upside down on my bed while I proceeded to say a prayer. A real heartfelt prayer. I even knelt down and clasped my hands together. After the prayer I curled up on the bed next to my laptop and just thought of ways I could help the water's exit strategy, you know, just in case it was finding it difficult.

I thought of just letting it be, let God work his magic. Then I saw my blow-dryer sitting majestically on the nightstand, just lying there beckoning me closer to its shiny black handle. If bathed in water then bathing my laptop in blazing waves of heat couldn't harm it anymore than it probably already was. I viewed it as a kind of baptism to bring the dead back to life. I grabbed the handle with my one free hand and while lying down, laptop overhead, just pretended I was styling a cute hairdo for lappy. I turned the hair-dryer off after a minute and gave lappy a rest for another minute or so before blasting the keys again with waves of intense heat.

While I did a few more rotations of this, I thought of some of my recent memories with blow-dryers. A few years ago I lost a good chunk of my hair when I attempted to dry my hair like 'professionals' do. It always looked like hair stylists would shove the nozzle of the dryer right up to my head, but no, that was the brush. Had I only known that before I gave myself an impromptu buzz cut. Another memory was when a friend and I were making dough for Fruit Pizza. We used a hair-dryer to melt butter we forgot to soften before plopping it into a batter of raw eggs and sugar. We actually thought this was one of our better ideas. While enjoying the finished product with other friends we gloated about our smarts. Needless to say, no one really appreciated it like we did. In fact, some couldn't even bring themselves to eat any Fruit Pizza because we used a hair-dryer. It really is beyond me why anyone would discriminate against using a hair-dryer in the kitchen. In retrospect, I do believe we partly cooked the eggs in the process of melting the butter. Oh, and did I mention that I'm a budding domestic goddess?

Mmm, yes.

Well. After wielding the power of the almighty hair dryer and after a few more prayers I gingerly typed away. It was working! And it wasn't 'just' working. It was as if nothing amiss had ever happened! Hallelujah! God is great! Bless the hair-dryer! Freaking bless!


TinTin said...

You really are too kind friend!

Danielle, Cameron and McKay Hatch said...

I would never turn down a slice of kristin's fabulous fruit pizza, even if the whole thing had been cooked with a blow dryer! in fact i'm proud to say that i've managed to save the little scrap of paper with the recipe on it these many years.