Sunday, May 3, 2009

a good magazine

always does the trick for me, and most of all a good food mag can pretty much make my day. I love a magazine that inspires you to cook, one that the photos are so amazing you just have to try out a new recipe. Donna Hay (thanks to Nicole for introducing me to Donna) and Gourmet are my absolute favorites. Both food mags have the similarity of delicious, clean, interesting food that has everything to do with bringing loved ones together. Which is one of the best reasons to eat in my opinion, and since I come from a family that needs no special occasion to stuff our selves silly (hooray it's Tuesday lets eat!) These mags are right up my alley.


Photo courtesy Anna Bauer v. Gourmet magazine


Photo courtesy Chris Court v. Donna Hay magazine issue 43


M to the E to the R to the I said...

I can't but those magazines. When you have NO will power, those magazines are dangerous.

Ems said...

that first fries image reminds me...have you been yet to the Belgium waffle and frites place by Caputo's in Salt Lake? next time you are here we are going, they are divine.