Wednesday, October 29, 2008




The Brant's are such a lovely family, I had such a great time with them. Dan has found a new calling as lighting master (he worked magic with a mirror.) Candice and Eisley are just adorable, and Allison was an enormous help! All in all a great day!


Chris & Nikki said...

oh my gosh meikel you are an amazing photographer. these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!
and that baby is so stinkin cute.

nicole said...

These are beautiful meikel!

I got Presley's chick at babystyle - isn't it cute??

naomi megan. said...

haha, how funny is that? well good, glad i didn't sound like a total stalker then.

and these are lovely.
all your photos are beautiful, actually.

Dan said...

those look awesome!! we can't wait to see the rest!