Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Messiah & Lights @ Temple Square


aaron&marianne said...

'Ho! Ho! Ho! Pimp!' did you hear that the writers for the office are on strike? whatever... OH what a fun blog spot for christmastime! Tell Lar lar I really like her hair! Haily loved looking at this post- so fun!

melodee said...

OK, I love the Lukey Concert--except that it was hard to hear him--and Neil--sing over the music that plays when I logged on to your blog. Maybe, just maybe, I don't know how to navigate all the ins and outs of the blog? Still, I love the little movie clip, the pics of your cute tree (I want one!--did you really get this at Walgreens?) And the photos from the Messiah night at Temple Square are excellent. So glad that you thought of this gift for Lisa--the perfect way to begin the holiday season.