Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Eli, Suzanne and I worked all morning to compete in the Sundance pumpkin carving contest. Sadly we did not win, the Pumpkin Burger did!


melodee said...

I LOVE the pumpkin owls in their nest, Mucky! Yes, the hamburger pumpkin is great and creative, but the owls are just clever, charming and total whimsy. I would have voted for these!

Also love the photo of Luke I took* when Dad was in the hospital in what, 2002 or 2003? Wasn't it before Luke left on his mission? Now it's two years without C.B.--but we have such good memories, including those of all the jack 'o lanterns he carved over the years, including those with you, Meikel.

It feels a bit strange not to see anyone from Provo tonight, but I've had fun greeting lots of little spooks. Tucker, on the other hand, has barked every time someone comes on the yard; he's going to be "tuckered" soon if he's not already.

*(At least I think I took it but maybe I misremember? Don't get old)

aaron&marianne said...

Hello epistles from mel! teasing.
Hey great pumpkins! I love fall time and everything that goes with it, like pumpkin carving contests- of course I think you guys should have one!

aaron&marianne said...

did you catch how I just spelled 'won'- yikes, i must be tired!

Queeey said...

There must be something about hamburgers. Our local library has a pumpkin carving contest. One of the staff made a hamburger pumpkin and it won the contest too. Crazy. I *love* your owls.

Gaby and Ben Kingery said...

Mikel! Melodee sent me your blog site! I love it. You guys are so great. I have been forever meaning to send you a thank you card for the darling Liam train you sent, that is so cute and so thoughtful. Where do you work?? I want to go to LA Fashion Week -- I'm so jealous! so if you want to see pics of little Liam at Love Ya!