Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nohea's birth story

Here is the thing, I love birth stories. I could listen to them all day long. So being present for one, getting to document it was such an incredible experience. And it was just a huge plus that it was my cousin.
I got to the hospital at one a.m. with my cousin telling me to hurry as she was sure this baby was coming any minute, well eight hours, a few three a.m. betos burritos, fitfull naps and a couple false starts, the beautiful Nohea made her entrance. She was well worth the wait!


Breanne said...

AWESOME. You did a really great job. Lucky cousin of yours :) I'm sure you'll get more birth stories out of this too!

I am dying to do birth stories too. I bet it was a great experience.

Misses Barlow said...

I love you. It was a perfect love/birth story. I really am so fortunate to have you as a cousin. XO