Monday, December 12, 2011

wally, rocky & turtle

Ever been to Benjamin, UT? Me neither. But I got to go out there a few weeks ago to photograph Wally the mastif, Rocky the mutt and Turtle the thoroughbred. From the moment I exited my car, Wally and Rocky were exceedingly friendly to say the least. They did not leave my side the whole day. Needless to say I love them both.

My clients then informed be that I could just go down the pasture and meet Turtle. I asked if the horses would mind (really I was quite nervous to go traipsing around in their territory, I have not spent much time around horses) As I made my way down, with Wally & Rocky at my heels the horses paid me no mind. But then I got a bit closer and they all perked up and began slowly in my direction (as seen in the photo directly above) before I new it I had six horse faces inches from my own. 

It was pretty incredible, they were nudging me and competing for my attention. It was such a great experience. It did however get a bit hairy when I began to actually shoot, the shutter spooked them and I found myself climbing over the fence very quickly. The rest of the shoot went so well and will probably remain one of my favorites.

-Portra 400, shot with Mamiya 645 and the rest shot with my trusty Canon. 


Sheena Manning Photography said...

That sounds like a really fun experience. I'm a little bit jealous.

P.S. So glad you're using film.

Brooke Jones said...

I love the vintage-looking editing that was done to the first images. Tres Chic! Home Interiors

Meikel said...

Thanks Brooke! But no photoshop involved, just film developed, scanned & posted to this blog! I heart film!