Friday, July 1, 2011

eighteen months

I had planned on doing a proper shoot with him all dressed up and hair combed, but instead we had an impromptu session durring post nap snack time. Oh my do we love this kid, he is pure joy!


Jayne said...

This little character is as cute in real life as he is here! So great to have you at the family event, you guys fit right in. When your photos find a place, I am FB friends with a lot of my cousins (especially those pretty, tall, skinny ones) so I'll be happy to pass along your contact info. I wouldn't worry aout fancy formal shoots with a two year old - things like this are much more character profiles than you can set up!

My Inspiration said...

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steph heartjustin said...

Your are a real inspiration. Just wanted you to know that I look at your pictures all the time.. Good work you! I... like Mrs. My Inspiration stalk your blog. Your little man is a dream! And good work doing what ya do! i like it.