Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am so crazy busy editing projects, moming, t.v. watching, eating and having a great time that I won't have much to post here for a little while. So follow my daily iphone photos on my Tumblr, my sporadic Tweets, my fairly consistent Pinning in the mean time! See you there!


Alyssa Griffeth said...


I just had to write a quick comment and say hello! I'm Alyssa Griffeth and my husband Grant served in Armenia with Luke. We met once a long time ago at a get togeher at Taylor Davis' house.

And tonight I had a funny realization! I've actually happened upon (and admired) your blog quite a few times over the last few years (mostly through just cook already), but it wasn't until TONIGHT that I realized the connection! Sooo funny!

Anyway, it's wonderful to see that your family is doing well! Your little boy is a doll!


-m- said...

umm i'm pretty much in love with your pins.