Monday, October 4, 2010


I am absolutely, one hundred percent a huge fan of the Harry Potter potter books. Huge as in I own all the British versions (or as I refer to them as, the correct versions) and I subscribe to several online Potter newsletters, I have been sorted (Gryffindor, of course) and have been to platform 9 3/4. I have yet to purchase my own wand, but I haven't ruled it out (they are after all only $28.95)

However, I have not been a fan of the movies. In fact I have so vocally disliked them that my friends no longer want to see them with me as I immediately point out all the things they either added or omitted (read: HP3 Hermione and Harry and the way they portray getting into the shrieking shack, ridiculous.) And for the record Warner Bros. I totally would have sat through 4 hours for each movie if you had taken the time to get it right. And I am pretty sure I am not alone in that sentiment.

After seeing this trailer, I think they may have gotten it right the 7th time around. Ahhh so very, very exited. Nerd Out.

Also- in case you missed it (I did, I haven't ever watched Oprah.) Here is the lovely miss O interviewing the ever so charming J.K. Rowling, or Jo as Oprah calls her. My favorite part is when they are discussing how they are coping with their billions. I suppose it must be nice to actually have a peer once you are in that kind of income tax bracket.


Jessica said...

I just finished watching the Oprah interview with J.K. Rowling - and loved it. Except for the extended discussion on the unexpected problems that arise when one becomes a billionaire. Perhaps it was longer than it needed to be, or perhaps too private of a conversation to be filmed for public television. Awkwardly amusing, I suppose.

[Morgan] said...

nerd out.
you are hilarious:)

Allison Tiek said...

First of all, whoa! I thought I'd seen the trailer for HP7 but that was AWESOME!

Second of all, you haven't blogged in forever but I guess it makes perfect sense that you would "nerd out" when you finally break your silence. :)

Melissa Tiek said...

K...I am so excited to see that movie. Jason and I are both major HP nerds. I agree about the whole adding/omitting thing. Like in the sixth movie when they burned down The Burrow. C'mon!

Jess Hammond said...

When Kenny really wants to get under my skin he tells me I am in Hufflepuff.

I pisses me right off.

Larn said...

geeeez. no one wants to see it with me either! the last movie was a disaster. the ending was so terrible and SSSOOOO far off from the book i could hardly believe it. haha this is probably a conversation for another time. you need to let me know after you see the 7th. i am going at midnight. i am sure there will be MUCH to discuss!!!!