Saturday, September 11, 2010


Have I mentioned that we LOVE Slab pizza? Yes I believe I have, and guess what they love us too! Check it out!

What's that? You haven't been to Slab yet???!!!! Go to today and RUN don't walk it is just that good. While everything on their menu is scrumptious, we are ordering the Luke (that's right we both have Pizza named after us, our parents are so proud) it is SO so good, New Mexico Green Chili with goat cheese an cilantro. Aaand they have a new breakfast pizza that is delicious, you cannot miss it!

P.S. How great is this video?


Megan said...

You don't know but I used to work with Megann at the University hospital. Anyway, I love SLAB. I go at least once a week. My favorite in the Thai Chicken. Thanks for sharing this video