Thursday, December 31, 2009

two thousand nine

Two thousand and nine has been good to us.
It brought us Hudson, and we are so in love.

be humble and grateful in your lives, God is good.

Happy new year! Love, The Reeces


Chris and Nikki said...

beautiful pictures. seriously, i love them! you're so good.

i'm so sad that i haven't met your little man yet. maybe this year we can get together, so i can see him. he's so adorable. :D

TinTin said...

i love the reeces. love.


wow what a great year.

Jake and Jenna said...

you are so amazing meikel. i just love you. i'm so glad you've got that little hudson-- he is to die for. can't wait for my baby!

QUESTION: how do you make your blog have the two sidebars? i'm dying to figure it out. will you help me? send me a quick email or something? i know you're busy. just whenever you have one free second (yes because emailing me in your one free second is exactly what you'll want to be doing, i'm sure).

Elizabeth said...


I was so excited to find you when you commented on Morgan's blog. I had heard that you and Luke got married (I think from Bryan Brimhall when I ran into him at BYU after his mission). It made me happy.

And finding you now and seeing these lovely photos -- the two of you so happy and your handsome baby boy -- is equally joyful.

I love his name, think you look beautiful and great, and just wanted to say hi.

Elizabeth said...

And, I just realized that you may not recognize me because we never hung out in high school so I better leave my name. ;)

Elizabeth (Bush) Campbell