Sunday, September 6, 2009

annie leibovitz

In light of the great Miss Leibovitz's legal woes, I thought I would post a few of my favorite Annie Leibovitz images. Before I even new who she was she was making an impact on me. My mom let me get my first Vogue when I was 12 and I loved to just sit in my room and take in all the images, most of which were Annie's. I actually blame her in part for my magazine obsession, I love the images so much I couldn't throw them away. When I got married Mr. Reece made me pick my top 20 Vogue & Vanity Fairs to keep (which was a major undertaking seeing as I had a subscription every year for 10 years.) Her work is just so beautiful and complex you can stare at her photos and see something new you hadn't noticed before. I hope she gets to retain the rights to her massive body of work, either way I will continue to love her work.

Images courtesy Google Imaging. All photos were taken by Annie Leibovitz.


Chris & Nikki said...

ooh love these.
and love your photo's below. you're dang much would you charge to do little baby shots. serious. we love your photographs.

{chris asked me to throw away my magazines too...little does he know their in his closet hiding. haha}

miriam said...

hi. my name is miriam and i am your blog stalker. i knew allison tiek in the college 4th ward when we lived in utah. i found her blog through yours. and i love it. you are really very talented and very cute. you inspire me in a non-creepy stalker kind of way.

i feel better now that i got that all out.